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Karaoke Nights

Calling all bar owners!

Get ready to take your bar to the next level with the most thrilling and lucrative event of the season: 

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Karaoke Night

Our Professional subscriptions cover the rights related to the karaoke tracks as well as the synchronized lyrics for the catalog under license.

Karafun offers 55,000 karaoke songs in many genres to get everyone to sing! And 400+ new songs added each month!


Each song in Karafun's catalog is recorded by professional musicians and engineers to ensure you get the highest quality to sing along and have fun!

Singing Karaoke

Boost Foot Traffic: A Karaoke Night is a surefire way to attract new customers and keep your regulars coming back for more. People love the opportunity to showcase their talents and enjoy the performances of others, and they'll flock to your bar for this exciting and interactive experience.


Increase Revenue: With the enthusiastic crowd singing their hearts out, you can expect increased drink and food sales throughout the night. Offer special promotions on beverages and appetizers to entice even more participation and keep the energy high.


Social Media Buzz: Karaoke Nights are social media gold mines! Encourage attendees to share their performances and experiences on their social platforms. Your bar's name and ambiance will spread like wildfire, bringing in new patrons eager to be part of the fun.


Themed Nights: Spice up your Karaoke Nights by hosting themed events. You can have a throwback night with classic hits from the '80s or '90s, a pop diva night, or even a costume karaoke where participants dress up as their favorite artists. The possibilities are endless, and each theme will attract a diverse audience.

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